Six Lit[erate] Chicks

I've been meeting with my book club girls for a few years now, and we decided it would be fun to extend our discussions to the blog world. If we had been blogging all of this time, we could have shared so many stories of books, fun conversations, restaurant experiences, movies vs. books, and more.

Since we meet once a month, the blog will be based on the monthly meeting, for the most part. We just got it started, so it's a work in progress.

You're invited to come on over and please join in the conversations!

Check it out at Six Lit[erate] Chicks!


How fun! Book clubs have always sounded so cool to me - so CULTURED!! :-) What a great excuse to get away with a few girlfriends too! Hope you guys continue to have a blast!
The McCutcheons said…

How do you find time for a book club? That's great! Maybe, when my kids are older, I can join too!
Kristi, I made your baked spaghetti recipe for supper tonight. My hubby LOVED it! Very yummy! :-)

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