Valentine Bracelet Giveaway

When Mackenzie (my daughter) was eleven years old, she started her own bracelet business--Z's Beads, specializing in bracelets for girls from 5-11 years old. She would like to give this one away.

If you'd like to be entered in the give-away, leave a comment here AND post a link to the giveaway on your blog--you can keep it simple with one sentence!

Mackenzie will draw the winner's name on Saturday, February 14--Happy Valentine's Day!
* Here's the link to put on your blog: Valentine Bracelet Giveaway . Just copy and paste.
AND the winner is . . . Karin! Congratulations!


Nikki said…
It's so cute! Olivia

She typed her name and then said, "I can't wait to get my bracelet!"

It might take me awhile to figure out how to post a link.
the j-crew said…
So cute "Z" and would look lovely on my 7 year old little girl :)
Steve and Kelly said…
My five year old would love a little heart bracelet so that she'll always remember to hold Jesus close to her heart!
Isaak said…
Bormik the Fierce thinks it would match his eyes!
Karin said…
Finally entering this giveaway! So cute. Blogged about it here.

P.S. Bormik, you crack me up!
The McCutcheons said…
Mackenzie, you did a beautiful job. Hannah and I love making stuff like this too! Although, don't give it to us. :) It would end up in 25 pieces in under an hour! :( We'll ask you to make 3 matching ones when the girls are older. I just wanted to say, "Great job, Girl!"
Karin said…
Got your comment, Mackenzie. Yay, we won. How fun!!! Thanks!

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