What's Your Pottery Personality?

Last Saturday night was Pajama night at Color Me Mine. Translated, that means--wear your pajamas and get your studio fee free. That's $10 off! We picked up our finished pottery yesterday, and I got to thinking about how the whole experience really tells quite a bit about personality. So, here's my "What's Your Pottery Personality" quiz.

1. How long does it take you to choose the piece you'd like to paint, including the colors of paint?
a. About ten minutes.
b. Fifteen to thirty minutes
c. An hour or more (changing your mind ten times and asking the staff 100 questions).

2. What colors are you most likely to choose?
a. Bright
b. Just about any color—it depends on your mood
c. Earth tones or deep colors

3. How do you feel while you're painting?
a. Excited--you can't wait to see how it's going to turn out!
b. Relaxed--this is a calming activity.
c. Stressed. You just want to get it done; it's taking too long; your shoulders are tightening up.

4. What is your painting technique?
a. Quick, if somewhat messy.
b. Purposeful. You paint without having to think much about what you do. But you stay consistent and have a steady hand.
c. Very carefully at first--you want it to be perfect. But after 2 1/2 hours of painting a small surface area, you start to feel frantic and paint very quickly just to get it done.

5. What does you finished piece look like?
a. It looks homemade.
b. It almost looks store-bought.
c. It looks like you tried too hard.

6. How do feel about your finished piece?
a. Very satisfied. The mistakes give it character!
b. Very satisfied. It turned out just like you expected--good!
c. Dissatisfied. You see all the mistakes and think you should have just purchased something you really liked at Target.


If you're mostly a's, you have a fun personality and you don't let mistakes get to you. You go with the flow.

If you're mostly b's, you are decisive and confident and keep things in perspective. You meet your goals most of the time, which is what you expect.

If you're mostly c's, you're probably like ME--you over analyze your choices because you're so worried about messing up, wasting money, or regretting your choices, that you do all of them. You can turn a fun event into a stress-filled one because of your unrealistic expectations. You compare your pottery (self) to others too much. Lighten up.

I admit this is a bit oversimplified. But--ugh--I couldn't wait to leave Color Me Mine, while everyone else seemed to be having a pretty good time. I was afraid to be too creative in fear of messing up my plate, but by by trying to do something simple, it took me forever. I just need to let it flow a bit--with scrap booking, blogging, painting, homeschooling, parenting, cleaning.

Mackenzie and Clare


My plate before it was fired.

My plate. Who'd ever guess that it would take hours to paint? Thanks, Karin, for helping me paint my 2nd and 3rd coats. I wouldn't have finished by closing time!

Mackenzie's ice cream dish--a FUN choice and Fun colors and a fun design--a reflection of a FUN and sweet girl. She's mostly a "b."

Susi's plate and . . .

mug (back)

(front) which is a gift for her mom. She painted the black stripes to cover a mistake--and it turned out very classy. She's mostly a "b."

Karin's plate that she decided to do in a matter of minutes and which she finished long before me, even though she arrived an hour later. She's mostly a "b." People's reactions--"Wow!"

Clare's bowl. Isn't it cute and fun?! She's mostly an "a".


Karin said…
Ha, I thought I was a "b" until I read the "results." : ) Me? Decisive? I'm working on it. And then when I read the "c" results... that's totally me too! Apparently I just hid it quite well on Saturday night.

Thanks again for the invite. Can't wait now to pick up my plate.

Oh, and your plate? Looks fantastic!!! (Maybe you can just block out the experience of creating it so that you too will love it!!!)

P.S. LOVE the girls' creations too.
Kristi said…
Karin, I should have asked your permission to post a picture of your plate since you hadn't even seen it yet! Sorry! It turned out gorgeous! Gorgeously?
You guys! :-) I've never made pottery before (although after reading this post, now I REALLY want to try it!) However, just going off of what I know about myself, I would fall face-first into the "c" category right along with you. I've never met a decision that was easy to make, and after I finally do make it, I'm immediately convinced I made the wrong one. And perfectionism...don't even get me started.

All of you guys' stuff turned out absolutely beautiful!!
joolee said…
what a fun activity! All of your creations are beautiful, but who has extra cupboard space for all the random mismatched tableware? Still, looks like a fun experience......maybe when my girls are older......
The McCutcheons said…
How often do they do a "PJ" night? Is it only for adults? It sounds like a fun date night with the hubby! If Mark can do those melted beads....he can do a plate with me.

BTW: I LOVE your plate! I would hang it on my wall. :) Really! It's something that I would do. Love the natural colors. Heather S. makes fun of all my boring colors.
Kristi said…
Jenny, they're having pj night every Saturday night in February--and they've changed it to $1 for the studio fee on pj night. It's from 6-10. Thanks for the compliment on my plate. :)

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