112 Things

In no particular order, these are 112 things I'd like to do by the end of 2012:

1. Take a camera/photography class. 2. Take tennis lessons. 3. Catch up on my scrapbooks. 4. Lose 7 pounds. 5. Learn how to make pierogi from my Grandma Hattie. 6. Paint dining room table and chairs. 7. Recover dining room chairs. 8. Make a bag out of a t-shirt. 9. Go dancing with Kevin. 10. Start planning a trip to England. 11. Move to a smaller house. 12. Write poetry. 13. Sew buttons on my red coat. 14. Learn how to use my photo software. 15. Get all of our home videos onto DVD. 16. Repaint the living room. 17. Repaint the dining room. 18. Get a reliable vehicle. 19. Take a refresher ballroom dance class. 20. Stop drinking pop. 21. Host a home Bible study. 22. Take a writing class. 23. Get my varicose veins removed. 24. Go to a wine-tasting class. 25. Spend Christmas with just the four in our family. 26. Get a new mattress. 27. Say more positive words than negative ones. 28. Call Pampered Chef about my cracked (for no reason) stone. 29. Go to a fondue party (invite me!). 30. Have a reunion with my high school girl friends. 31. Get a new mailbox. 32. Go on a family vacation. 33. Get another piercing. 34. Learn Pilates. 35. Be unselfish with my time. 36. Act in a play. 37. Remake Nikki's mother's bracelet. 38. Get better at rollerblading. 39. Go downhill skiing. 40. Wear a swimsuit unashamedly. 41. Say I'm sorry more. 42. Start studying French. 43. Love like Jesus, a lot. 44. Dance in church. 45. Go on a weekend trip with Mackenzie. 46. Help rescue someone. 47. Read A Midsummer's Night Dream 48. Go to England. 49. Go on several weekend trips with Kevin. 50. Sit and do nothing sometimes. 51. Find a new friend. 52. Let my hair go gray (just kidding). 53. Rest one day a week. 54. Send regular letters to the kids we sponsor. 55. See Kevin learn to play guitar. 56. Reconnect with my college roommate. 57. Stop drinking coffee daily. 58. Eat more fruits and vegetables. 59. Give grace to people. 60. Give a really generous gift. 61. Read Anna Karenina 62. Throw a graduation party for Kevin. 63. Make a plate to match the one I made at Color Me Mine. 64. Get my sofas cleaned by a professional. 65. Take a class on web-design. 66. Rubberstamp more cards. 67. Go to bed earlier. 68. Get rid of my teacup collection. 69. Get a new bread machine (ours broke). 70. Host a backyard Bible club for kids. 71. Change cell-phone company. 72. Buy Isaak a keytar (Isaak wrote this one in while I was out of the room). 73. Try one new recipe a month. 74. Grocery shop only once a week. 75. Get back to learning Latin with the kids. 76. Get sunglasses. 77. Type up our movie collection, which isn't big. 78. Type up our game collection. 79. Greet Kevin when he comes home from work. 80. Throw out Rubbermaid that's missing lids. 81. Buy less at Christmas. 82. Send Easter cards. 83. Figure out what I'm going to do when my kids graduate from high school. 84. Take better care of my skin. 85. Go to a hermitage again. 86. Drink more water. 87. Look through all of the photo albums as a family night. 88. Pray as a family each night before bed. 89. Give more hugs. 90. Learn to text. 91. Brag on Jesus. 92. Ask people questions about themselves more. 93. Have weekly dates with my husband. 94. Start a game club. 95. Get more bookshelves. 96. Meditate on Scripture. 97. Forgive. 98. Take naps. 99. Listen. 100. Put the kids in charge of a meal each week. 101. Make a bag out of placemats. 102. Put myself in other people's shoes. 103. Pray for my enemies. 104. Smile at strangers. 105. Throw away old Christmas cards. 106. Get the piano tuned. 107. Go on monthly dates with Mackenzie and Isaak. 108. Let people know what I appreciate about them. 109. Surprise someone. 110. Start writing a memoir. 111. Keep my underwear and sock drawer organized. 112. Pray as easily as I breathe.


What a fun post! I love all your goals! Give me a call when you go in to have your varicose veins fixed -- I'll go with you! I can't figure out how childbearing, obviously being a part of God's plan for humanity, can reek such absolute havoc on the human body! (maybe it was part of the curse.)
Nikki said…
This is a fun post! Are you going to let us know when you accomplish something on it?
Kristin said…
I Loved your goal list! Thanks for your 108th goal you did last night to us! Your words of encouragement meant a lot! :)
The McCutcheons said…
It wouldn't allow me to post on your newest post...so, I'll post on this one!

LOL, I too will go with you to have your legs done! Delilah, I agree with you about childbearing. I never had a stretch mark (still don't) or vein problem. Then....we moved while I prego and the veins on my left leg started looking all weird. So, I made a doctor appointment because I thought I had blood poisoning. I was really worried. He Laughed at me and told me that I had a bad case of varicose veins and I started crying. Well, I got to wear those long, white, tight socks all the rest of Nora's pregnancy! :)
kbradseth said…
You seriously crack me up. Your blog has inspired me to laugh and think on quite a few occasions (and I only check in on it from time to time.) You should definitely work on that memoir!

Careful what you ask for, though, about the veins! I had spider veins treated by a friend of mine who is a sadist surgeon and IT WAS HORRIBLE. I'll live with the injury to my vanity from now on!

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