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Do I Know You, Nora?

So much to chew on lately . . . reading many histories of women and men . . . watching the news, too. And even when I want to ignore all the noise, there's noise inside me, not necessarily about what it "means" to be a woman, but what it is to experience life in the female body from birth. And the experience of what happens naturally with age. I find myself sighing a lot because of what this female body is doing so often these days: throwing me unwelcome surprise parties and presenting me with gifts I didn't register for. I confide in others who get it; they don't even have to try, these females.They have no need to imagine it. They wish they didn't get it. So much of my life as a female has been/is cultural, learned, an immersion. It's impossible to sort that all out. But my biology/anatomy is another matter, separate from culture. Can I "identify" with Nora in A Doll's House? There are ways that I think I know her, especially believing tha…

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